Friday , 18 April 2014
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10 Most Get Best Free Antivirus For Android Smartphone

Protecting your smartphones is one of the ways to ensure its maximum working performance, and getting the best applications to do this is not far fetched. Securing your smartphones against virus is an important step to put in place when you get your new android device or your old android so as not to have to spend more in reloading ... Read More »

Simpliest way to Prevent Google from redirecting you to its Country Specific page.

Am sure everybody in this present technology age knows the main function of google and when the name google is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is search engine. A place where anything and almost everything and information you are looking for can be got at ease by just point our web browser to Most times we ... Read More »

5 Most Important Ways to Speed Up Your Site

As we all know that the load time of websites is one of the most important factors affecting its usability; most people aren’t patient enough to wait for your blog to keep loading like forever when they can get the same information they are looking for elsewhere in another website that will load faster and they won’t have to speed ... Read More »

Learn How To Start Your Own Website or Blog Now


Starting a blog or website that requires a little bit of know how and ways to go about starting it, most novice have been wondering how do I get my products online too, how do I start my own blog? How do I start my own website? This and many more questions I receive from most of my friends daily ... Read More »

Steps to safely Backup and Restore Blogger Template in New Blogger Interface

Steps to safely Backup and Restore Blogger Template in New Blogger Interface

Editing your template in blogger blog can be a little bit complicated, must especially when you don’t know your way around editing html codes and any single mistake can corrupt your theme and sometimes dis arrange your blog and making it look so messy and then you have to pay someone who knows is way round html to fix this ... Read More »

Making Your Blog Post More Valuable

Making Your Blog Post More Valuable

Writing valuable and informative post for their blog readers is the primary aim of every blogger. So it is of utmost importance that before publishing your next article, we must learn and know the basis of writing valuable articles. Following the simple steps below will help every blogger to decide and write a wonderful and valuable post that will keep their readers coming back. ... Read More »

Important Steps to Increasing your Blog Traffic Fast

Important Steps to Increasing your Blog Traffic Fast

Most problem that happens to most bloggers is the ability to drive quality traffic to their website. Most bloggers find it hard to get organic traffic and complains of traffics less than 100 or a little above 100 daily page views. Whats the essence of writing such a wonderful and great post with absolutely no body to read it? Those early ... Read More »

Benefits and Importance of Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic Which is Better


Generating traffic to your site is of two major type, which is generating traffic through organic means and paid traffic. There is a lot of difference between generating organic traffic and paid traffic mostly in the way it takes your website to the customer/visitor. Both of these types of traffic has got its own advantage and disadvantage. Brief understanding on ... Read More »

Great Benefits of Blog Commenting You Never Want to Miss

Have you been wondering why most people leave comments on blogs, most especially bloggers leaving comments on other blogs most especially blogs of same niche as their blogs? Then this post is really meant for you most especially if you are a blogger and you don’t find it necessary to leave comments on other fellow bloggers blog most especially blogs ... Read More »

Best Way To Convert Between Video Formats

There are many articles online on how to convert between one video format to another, so many of this online post either leads you to a trial version of a software or even one that won’t get you your desired format. I remember reading an article on how to convert to 3gp video format for my phone but to my ... Read More »

How To Make Your Blog Readers Keep Coming Back

As a blog writer, we all know that to be successful in the field of blogging depends on how valuable your content is and how captivating it is for your prospective readers. Readers wants to read quality and valuable post which will eventually bring them back. Making your blog readers wanting to read your post from beginning to end needs ... Read More »

Top Reasons Google Adsense May Suspend your Account

Google Adsense as we all know is one of the major means by which a blogger makes money online and also as you already know that getting approved for Adsense is getting harder and almost impossible for some bloggers if you don’t follow the rules in getting approved so also it’s getting harder to even maintain one. Lots of publishers ... Read More »

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