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How To Make Your Blog Readers Keep Coming Back

As a blog writer, we all know that to be successful in the field of blogging depends on how valuable your content is and how captivating it is for your prospective readers. Readers wants to read quality and valuable post which will eventually bring them back.

Making your blog readers wanting to read your post from beginning to end needs extra homework and getting your balls right.

Visitors who come across your blog expect it to spark their interests. If not, your blogging efforts won’t result in the reader coming back which subsequently leads to a decrease in traffic. But if they get what they want then you are sure of them coming back and even bringing a friend :)

I will be highlighting some great tips to ensure that you write and publish blog posts that your visitors actually wants to read.

Your Post Title is King

What does it really means for your title to be king? Any visitor that comes the way of your blog sees your title first and how captivating your title is will depend on if your reader wants to actually take time to read the whole post.

Always note that your visitors will always judge your posts by their title.
It’s a natural response. Therefore, you need to make sure your title catches the attention of blog visitors, and lures them in to read it.

One great tip for coming up with a good title is by asking yourself after writing that lengthy post, “If someone asks me to describe what my article is about in 10 seconds or less, what would I say?”

The answer to this question should be the title of your blog post.

If your title doesn’t hook your readers in within seconds, your blog won’t get much traffic. Ensure that your blog post titles catches the interests of readers, making them interested in what you’ve published.

Always Check your Post For Errors

As we all know Publishing blog posts with simple, basic errors is one of the quickest ways to lose your target audience.
Always take the time to check and recheck your posts for any of the following errors before publishing:

>Do a Spell Check
>Proof read for Grammatical Errors
>Proof read to Ensure that Sentences Flow Smoothly
>Recheck and confirm that all Links within your post are Correct
>Make Sure Your Content is Relevant to Your Blog’s Niche

Sometimes you can’t do without some few spelling errors, typos and other mistakes when you write. However, if you want to build a blog people actually want to read, your readers should never see these mistakes.
That’s why it’s so important that you proof-read your content, make necessary revisions, and proof-read again before publishing.

Must Bring Value and Meaning to the Lives of your Readers

Most times readers land on your blog by means of search engines and when they do, they’re hoping to find some great insight on a particular topic that brought them to your blog.

Your blog posts must bring value and be meaningful to the lives of your visitors to keep them engaged. And most especially straight to the point.
This is also important to keep them coming back for more.
The best way to ensure that your blog brings value is to decide who your target audience is.
Knowing your target audience will help you understand what they’re looking for online.
People conducting searches online are looking for a solution to a problem they’re having so Providing them with the right solution to that problem will definitely bring them back.
This relationship is one of trust, which will help you gain lifelong, dedicated readers. So always make lots of research about your writeup before posting.

Add Relevant Images

There is a popular saying that goes that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, especially when it comes to blogging. Your image choices should be relevant to the content in the post.
A post with relevant images tends to help your readers in finding a lasting solution to the issues that brought them to your blog in the first place, the images should also be interesting enough to capture your audience’s attention.
People love visuals.
Images also help to break up your content, making your text more pleasing to the eyes. Before publishing your posts, search for images that help to engage and entertain your readers.

If your post is instructional, images that actually show the process you’re writing about will help your visitors understand your content much better.

Keep Your Blog Posts Organized

Readers pay attention to the way blogs are organized. Blogs that have clusters of words all over the place tend to turn readers off.
The text becomes overwhelming to look at and search through, causing visitors to leave, and never return:

Blog posts need to be written using bolded titles and paragraphs that are organized, and short. This improves the look of your blog, it also adds to your SEO value. Search engines pay attention to keywords.

Add categories to your blog.

Make sure that each post is placed in a relevant blog category. This makes it easier for your readers to sift through your posts to find what they’re interested in reading.

Write Quality Posts
The most important thing to remember is that your audience is seeking quality information about a particular topic.
The amount and length of the posts you publish is nowhere near as important as the quality of your content.
Your posts should intrigue and entice your readers, not put them to sleep.

We would love to hear from you, your comments will be highly appreciated. And if you have other methods that isn’t part of this post, feel free to add your the comment box below

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  1. Jennifer Cunningham

    I agree that a headline can get you the initial click. The first sentence has to grab the readers attention. Then as long as the post is quality you have them from there on. There’s no getting around good content. Thank you for the other tips you mentioned.

    • Thank you Jennifer for stopping by, really appreciate your comment and want to let you know that I love all your website post about getting traffic. Would love to see you come around again to give me more pointers on how to do things.

  2. Hi, Can you tell me how to get traffic to my blog daily :

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