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Top Reasons Google Adsense May Suspend your Account

Google Adsense as we all know is one of the major means by which a blogger makes money online and also as you already know that getting approved for Adsense is getting harder and almost impossible for some bloggers if you don’t follow the rules in getting approved so also it’s getting harder to even maintain one.

Lots of publishers know the basic rules guiding the Google Adsense but it’s still sad that quite a lot of publishers lose their account before they know it due to reasons they’re probably not aware of. That’s pretty a sad one you know.

It’s understandable that you’re not supposed to view that is click on your own ads, what I mean by this is clicking on the adds placed on your own site by google, trying to cheat the system and other things like that but what about other rules most publishers are not even aware of?

Most of us are guity of this, not reading The terms of service guiding a publisher of google adsense because it is rather too long so most of us don’t even bother reading through it while signing up but within that long boring piece of crappy writing is the secret to maintaing your Adsense account and keeping it active.

In this article, I’m not going to be referring to those points your already know like invalid clicks and such and trying to cheat Adsense with some tricks, I’ll rather be focusing on some reasons you’re probably not aware of.

1. Abuse of Google Products
Wondering what I really mean about abuse of google products? Well its pretty simple when any article on your site explains how to bypass or abuse a certain Google product, like when you start explaining ways and how to download videos from youtube (which Google doesn’t officially allow), this may get your account suspended. Remember Youtube is owned by Google. Also, when you start writing articles on how to bypass payment at Play Store to get paid Android apps for free, you’re simply asking for the Big G’s trouble.

2. Format Mimicking
Yes, Google advises that you should try to blend your ads with content so as to increase CPC but in actual fact, they do not want your content to look exactly like the ads displayed on your site.

What does this mean? When you format content close to ad units to look exactly or rather too similar like a Google Adsense unit, you may attract a ban. You may only be lucky to get a warning requiring you to make changes to it in 72 hours if you’re a valued and respected publisher. Yes some publishers really have a good standing with google, so you might get a warning if that’s your case but for others, you get banned without prior notice.

3. Aligning Ads with Images
This is another important thing you have to take note of, Never place your ads too close to images on your site and be sure your content is arranged in such a way that images and ads are not placed side by side.

4. Encouraging Accidental Click
What do I really mean by this? Placing your ads under dropdown menu may encourage accidental click and you should avoid such. You content must be arranged in such a way that users don’t accidentally click on ads.

5. Generating Fake adds Impressions
Your adsense earnings are not just only based on clicks, they can also based per impression and when you inflate your impressions unknowingly, you may attract a ban. When working on your blog, you keep refreshing to see the changes, right? This increases your Google Adsense impression and when so much impression comes from a single browser, it may be risky. It’s for this reason you should try to install Adblock for Mozilla or Chrome depending on which you use. It’s probably available for Internet Explorer too?

6. Links in Guest Articles
Weird? You receive guest articles all the time but do you take the time to review those links in their author bio to know if they’re in compliance with Google Adsense TOS? A link to malware infected site, a site dealing with ammunition, encouraging illegal activities and such in an author bio not only puts your account at risk, it may hurt your SEO and drop your ranking if care is not taken.

7. Nude and Offensive Pictures
I see lots of this in news blog with Adsense right on those pages and I can’t help but wonder if those publishers knew about it or just decided to take the risk. It’s normal to report news the way it is but as an Adsense publisher, there’s a limit to what you can post on a news blog. Offensive pictures such as mutilated bodies, violence, nudity is strictly forbidden. So beware google is watching!

8. Copyright Materials
I guess everyone knows this already but there’s more to it. You’re not supposed to place Adsense on pages containing copyright materials but did you know that plagiarized content too can also be termed as a copyright material? Did you know your account may be suspended when the original content owner reports that your content violates their copyright? It’s more that just distributing cracks and serials, free ebooks and such.

With all this points listed above, It’s still not guaranteed that you get to maintain your Adsense account and avoid a suspension even with all this rules strictly adhered to, there may still be more not that obvious but I do hope this helps someone. The rules are numerous and rather strict but if you really want to keep being an Adsense publisher, then you should try to know more about them and try to stick to them, making changes to your blog as required before Google comes checking.

Good luck!

Why not leave a comment below to tell us what you feel about this post and if you have more of these rules you want to add. Feel free to do so below.

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